Pringles: Karaoke Apps

To support the link between music and the Pringles brand as well as their Karaoke Kit campaign,
029 developed two karaoke apps which could be used in-store as well as at music festival activations.

Pringles Karaoke.png


We were asked to come up with an experiential idea to strengthen the link between Pringles and music related snacking occassions. We were also supposed to support the campaign message "You don't just eat them, you make music with them!"

karaoke quiz 1.jpg


We developed two mobile applications that were used internationally.

  • For one app, we developed a karaoke functionality in four languages with 400 songs.
  • For the other app, we developed a karaoke quiz in four languages.
Pringles live.jpg


We created an authentic Pringles music experience. In one year, we counted

  • 11,835 in-store contacts
  • 1,919 Karaoke singers on the Pringles Stage at music festivals
  • 72h of karaoke entertainment
  • 4,222 quiz participants